Agreement: The purchase and sale agreement is treated concluded when the customer has submitted his or her order to Argadon Capital OU and the shop has sent confirmation of the order following which the customer must settle the payment. In addition to these conditions, the sale and purchase through internet shop are regulated by the applicable Estonian legislation.

Right to cancel: the customer has a right to cancel the agreement if the internet shop has no stock of the product ordered by the customer.

Product guarantee: the products can only be exchanged only if the packaging has been damaged during the mailing process (for example, there has been an oil spill out of a bottle). Please send a photo showing the damage to indicating your name and the order number.

Refunds: if the agreement is cancelled, the shop will refund the payment made by the customer as soon as possible and in any case, no later than within 14 days of the date of the cancellation. All refunds will be made to the bank account provided by the customer.

Right to goods: the goods remain within the ownership of the shop until the full payment has been received.

Personal data: all personal data are kept confidential and are not disclosed to any third party.

Frustration of agreement: Argadon Capital OU will not be liable and the customer is liable for any loss caused to Argadon Capital OU resulting from the customer’s breach of any agreement concluded with the shop in accordance with the applicable legislation of Estonia. Argadon Capital OU is not liable for any loss caused to the customer as a result of any event including any delay in delivering the products if any such event was outside of control of Argadon Capital OU (force major).

Argadon Capital OU will not be liable for any loss or damage to the goods from the moment when the goods are within the control of any courier company/postal service. Argadon Capital OU will have no liability for any loss caused by faulty goods including damage to anyone’s property or information or loss of turnover or income.

Disputes: all unresolved disputes will be governed by the applicable legislation of Estonia. In the event a dispute remains unresolved between the parties, the customer can contact the Department of Consumer Protection in Estonia.

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